Dental Insurance and Payment Options


Our office accepts most dental insurance, including in and out-of-network coverage ( see below for more information ). It is a common mis-conception that you need to be “in network” to receive benefits toward dental care.

Dental benefits are not like medical and can be confusing. We have experience understanding benefit plans to ensure you get the most coverage possible and are here to help you.

We will always offer a treatment plan estimate in advance of all services and are happy to submit a pre-determination to your carrier to get an accurate plan of coverage. We file all insurance claims for you at no additional cost.

We do our best to verify your plan details, but cannot guarantee coverage. Your plan is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company.


In-network means that we have signed a contract with your insurance company and have agreed to bill the fee per service that this company has set.

Out-of-network means that we have not signed a contract, and bill the fee per service that our office has set. For example, your insurance company may state that you have ‘free cleanings’. However, this is based on a total price set by the insurance company, and not your dentists’ actual fee. There is a significant difference between the UCR [usual, customary and reasonable] rates set by insurance companies, and average dental provider fees in the area. This may mean our patients are responsible for the difference in cost and believe it is worth it.



Delta Dental (all states and federal plans)


Supplemental Medicare Plans 








Kaiser Permanente






United Concordia

United Healthcare


We are not able to bill:  Aflac, Apple Health, DeltaCare, HMO plans, Willamette, Medicare or Medicaid. To ensure coverage or network, please call your insurance company and ask if Dr. Emily Shackelton is able to submit claims to your carrier.

We’ll happily review your plan with you to answer any questions!  We know Insurance can be confusing so we are here to help you understand your coverage and benefits.

Private Payment

Wedgwood Dental Center accepts all debit and credit cards, and even your FSA or HSA accounts. We also accept cash, check, ApplePay and CareCredit. We offer a Lay Away or pre-pay option for future care.

Third Party Lending

CareCredit a third-party lending company to help you pay for treatments and procedures you insurance doesn’t cover. They offer no interest financing and low minimum monthly payments to help ease the burden of finances so you do not have to wait to receive the care you deserve.

More information or to apply, visit:

We are here to help! Please call for more information about financing your oral health needs in our office!